Love and Confections: Frankenstein Pudding Cups and Halloween Traditions

October 30, 2013

Frankenstein Pudding Cups and Halloween Traditions

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - I love decorating and doing activities with friends!

Every Family has their holiday traditions, and I especially love mine. Homemade Easter Bread, Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas, and cookies on almost every holiday. We always made my Grandmother's recipe. Mom would make them a few days ahead and freeze them so we would be all set to decorate.

As little girls, KB and I had to have a plethora of frosting colors and sprinkles to adorn our cookies. This year for Halloween, I asked my girlfriends, Thelma and Lolo to bring their kids over so we could do cookies. I love keeping the holiday cookie tradition alive - especially since my Grandmother is no longer with us and my Mom lives a few hundred miles away. It is definitely one tradition I will be doing with Baby L&C when she is old enough... almost 6 weeks until due date by the way!

Thelma's daughter, Little E, is almost 5 and Lolo's son is almost 3. We had such a good time making cookies, even though our attention span was very short. They loved all the frosting colors and the special sprinkles I bought for the occasion. I haven't seen that many eyeballs on one cookie in a while!

After cookie decorating, we made Frankenstein Pudding Cups. I saw the idea on Pinterest a while back and thought it would be fun for them to make - and eat. It was really simple and took only a few minutes to do. The kids loved getting their fingers in the Oreo crumbs. 

Frankenstein Pudding Cups
inspired by Pinterest

Frankenstein Pudding Cups Ingredients:
 - 4-5 decorated clear plastic cups
 - 1 box Instant Vanilla Pudding
 - 3 cups cold Milk
 - Neon Green Food Coloring, 20-25 drops
 - Neon Blue Food Coloring, 2-3 drops
 - 20 Oreos or other cream filled chocolate cookies, made into crumbs in food processor

Frankenstein Pudding Cups Directions:
 - Using a permanent marker, draw faces on the outside of the plastic cups
 - In a large mixing bowl, mix the Instant Pudding, cold Milk and Food Coloring for 2 minutes.
 - Pour pudding into cups and top with Oreo Crumbs. Refrigerate 20 minutes

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  1. Isn't cooking decorating so much fun!!!! Love the Frankenstein Pudding Cups!!

    1. Yes! We always decorate cookies for the holidays. Love it!