Love and Confections: April 2016

April 29, 2016

Tiramisu Tres Leches

Tiramisu Tres Leches is like a match made in Heaven. Delicious espresso-flavored and milk-soaked cake is topped with traditional coffee liqueur-soaked ladyfingers, a mascarpone whipped cream, and dusted with cocoa powder!

Tiramisu Tres Leches #makeitwithMILK #FWCon

April 28, 2016

On-the-Go with #OXOTot

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Warm weather has us spending more time outside having fun. My toddler loves to go for walks around the block and run around playgrounds. OXO Tot sent #ToddlerLnC and I some fun goodies to use in our outdoor adventures.

On-the-Go with #OXOTot by