Love and Confections: Tangerine Sweet Tea

July 16, 2017

Tangerine Sweet Tea

Tangerine juice brightens the traditional sweet tea and gives it a fun, southern, summer flair.

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Sweet tea is a staple in the South, and I am a Southern girl at heart. Give me biscuits, gravy and a tall glass of sweet tea and I am a happy girl! Traditional sweet tea is given a refreshing fruity twist with tangerine juice. Being from Florida, we have a lot of beautiful citrus available and adding fruity flavors to drinks is always fun.

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Depending on the fruit, tangerines can be sweet or slightly tart. I created a sort of tangerine syrup with tangerine juice and sugar, to sweeten my tea. If you can't find fresh tangerines, check the refrigerated juice section of your grocery store for tangerine juice. If that isn't available, clementines and oranges are other good options.

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Don't forget to garnish with some fresh citrus slices, mint and fun straws. I have a large collection of straws that I am always adding to. I find them in craft stores, party stores and online. I think they really make a festive drink display and are great for parties or cocktail bars too. Hope you have a delightful day and have a glass of Tangerine Sweet Tea to sip on. Cheers!

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  1. Tangerines are so good, I can imagine they would taste amazing in tea! This sounds lovely! Coming over to say hi from the Jenny Melrose live this morning :)

    1. Thank you! I love using citrus in my teas - so refreshing!