Love and Confections: Shamrock Fudge

March 15, 2017

Shamrock Fudge

Smooth and creamy fudge is given a fun twist for St. Patrick’s Day by turning it green and topping with lucky sprinkles.
Shamrock Fudge from

Saint Patrick's day is around the corner and I love such a festive holiday. Celebrations make me happy - so does chocolate - and when they are together it's a match made in Heaven. I realized that I have never blogged about fudge before and knew I needed to get one posted here asap. 

Shamrock Fudge from

Ever since my Chocolate & Confections class in culinary school, I have been somewhat of a fudge snob. Really good fudge is sometimes hard to come by - so here's an easy recipe for you to enjoy. You can change up the color and flavoring, just be careful with the amounts - you don't want a whole teaspoon of mint extract - and top with festive sprinkles. 

Shamrock Fudge from

The sprinkle mixture on top is a combination of shamrocks and lime green jimmies. Feel free to create your own fun mixture! I am so ready to create more fun fudge candies using this recipe as a base.

Shamrock Fudge from

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