Love and Confections: Blood Orange Mimosas for #BrunchWeek

May 5, 2013

Blood Orange Mimosas for #BrunchWeek

Happy #BrunchWeek!!! Check out the amazing prizes from our sponsors and a chance to enter everyday! Also scroll down for this recipe!

#BrunchWeek has officially started! I am so excited to see all the wonderful recipes and photos, and extremely grateful to all our participants and sponsors. #BrunchWeek could not happen without you.

I have been loving Brunch for some time and recently decided to blog about it. What better way to start off #BrunchWeek than with a drink and a toast? I love Mimosas of all kinds: Orange, Cranberry, Flamingo (orange & cranberry), Grapefruit and Blood Orange. If you have never had a blood orange, do yourself a favor and try it.

The inside of a Blood Orange flesh can range from orange with reddish streaks and a light pink-orange juice to a dark maroon or blood color, with an almost grape juice darkness. Blood oranges are usually slightly smaller than regular oranges and have an almost rosy pigment on their skin. They are a hybrid and have a distinct flavor which is slightly sweeter than regular oranges.

I hope you have wonderful Sunday. Enjoy a Mimosa and help me celebrate all the wonderful #BrunchWeek recipes to come. Cheers, Cin Cin and Salute!!

Blood Orange Mimosas
Love and Confections original recipe

Blood Orange Mimosa Ingredients:
 - 1 bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or Cava, well chilled
 - 8-10 Blood Oranges

Blood Orange Mimosa Directions:
 - Juice and strain the Blood Oranges into a large pitcher
 - Pour the Champange, Prosecco or Cava into the pitcher and stir slightly
 - Divide evenly between champagne flutes and enjoy
 - If making individual Mimosas straight into champagne flutes: contrary to how most people pour mimosas, with Blood Oranges, I actually like to pour the Champagne in first, because otherwise it bubbles up too much, settles, and leaves the glass looking not so pretty.

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  1. I LOVE the deep color the blood orange brings to this drink. Beautiful! Happy #BrunchWeek!

  2. These look fabulous, Terri! Mimosas are one of my favorite brunch drinks {OK, they ARE my fave}. Thanks for the tip on pouring them as well. We can't have bad looking mimosas!

  3. I love blood orange drinks--there is a restaurant here that makes a blood orange margarita that is to die for. Beautiful!

  4. Yum, these mimosas look wonderful! I've been loving blood oranges this season, and I've also been juicing them for cocktails (nothing this fancy), and mostly just making a blood orange juice stain-y mess of my cutting boards as I slice them up to snack on... I'll have to try your recipe, too! So perfect for a fancy brunch.

  5. My favorite brunch item to make is a frittata ... you can use up whatever you have in the fridge and chances are ... no two are alike!

    P.S. Love this mimosa recipe!

  6. The mimosas look so good! Perfect to accompany a super brunch!

  7. Those mimosas are a gorgeous shade of red. Thanks for hosting and organizing BrunchWeek!

  8. Oh my gosh, this is really amazing. Love the color so much. Thanks so much for hosting this week. So thrilled to be involved.

  9. Mmm... love the idea of a blood orange mimosas! Thanks for organizing brunch week!

  10. Oh good, I just picked up a few blood oranges and was wondering what to do with them -- I've NEVER seen them in the supermarkets around here before, just had to get them!

  11. How pretty!! I've never had a Blood Orange.... oops! I'm missing out!

  12. Those blood oranges give such amazing vibrant colour. We plan on having mimosas at my sister-in-law's wedding morning this Friday, wish we could try this recipe.

  13. Can't wait to try the Blood Orange Mimosas - maybe this weekend? They look delicious!

  14. So elegant! I love blood oranges, though I have a tendency to stain my clothes when I eat them. All those juicy bites can lead to red bits where you'd least expect them! Lovely brunch drink. :)