Love and Confections: Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups

September 26, 2017

Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups

Banana cream pie in a bite-sized form. Graham cracker cookie cups are filled with banana pudding, topped with creme Chantilly and garnished with banana slices and vanilla wafer cookies.

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Pie is up there on my list of favorite desserts, right behind chocolate eclairs, and these Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups are amazing! Cream pies or pudding pies are my top pick because I love the crumbly and sweet graham cracker crust, contrasting with the cool and creamy pudding or mousse filling. Fresh whipped cream is essential, and shaved chocolate or other garnishes are always fun.

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I grew up loving cream pies, but didn't really make them much. I definitely need to make more, because who doesn't need more cream pies in their life? These cookie cups are so easy to make you'll want them for not only every holiday, but special occasions as well. The graham cracker crumbs really make it taste like a graham crust and not just a regular sugar cookie.

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Homemade pudding is great, but I opted for a semi-homemade route with banana pudding. Creme Chantilly, banana slices and Nilla Wafers are the perfect topping, reminiscent of the traditional banana pudding casserole dish we all love. They remind me of potlucks or Summer parties. There was always one banana cream dish and it got devoured with no leftovers.

Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups from

These mini desserts are the perfect bite. I already have ideas for a few other flavors that I know you will love - perfect for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer!

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Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups from

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  1. Banana cream pudding is one of my favorite-favorite-favorite things, and you've gone and made it adorable. I love these cups!! -cakespy jessie